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The Basic Program of Bones for Life is comprised of 90 Processes which may be taught in three sections called Segments I, II, and III, or in 2 Parts, Parts A and B, or they can be broken up into multiple weekly sessions. Upon completing the Basic Program, graduates receive a Bones for Life Basic Program Attendance Certificate. Attaining Bones for Life Teacher Certification (second stage) entails completing the Basic Program, Advanced Study, a Didactic workshop, as well as Mentoring, and Practice Teaching. The requirements for Teacher Certification can be taken in any order. After initially completing all three segments of the Basic Program, a graduate wishing to pursue the certified Bones for Life Teacher track may begin practice teaching to the public as a "Teacher-in-Training" and is also invited to join the "Bones Forum" online community. For complete certification guidelines, please refer to the international web site: www.bonesforlife.com.



Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais Method are registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.
Bones For Life is a registered service mark of Ruthy Alon, its originator.

Serving the Boston, MA area with classes in Westwood.
Private coaching also in Needham Heights, MA.
Call 781-449-1410, cell: 617-413-5680, or email ocheever@comcast.net.

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