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On the picture-is-worth-1,000-words principle, I’ll leave this space for my students to depict the aspects of my approach that they find most serviceable:

“Olivia is one of the most sympathetic people I know, always complimenting. There’s nothing you want to do more than go on because you’re getting all this praise. I work in an academic atmosphere where the opposite is the case; people are always criticizing each other. Now I tell my own students I hope they’ll have fun and I’ll do my best to help them.”

“Olivia has a different touch from other Feldenkrais teachers — firm and deep into the joint. She makes connections between bodywork and feelings and (with her training as a licensed psychotherapist) she can also discuss them.”

“My emotional state was so tied to the physical pain that it simply didn’t work for me to do bodywork that kept them apart. Olivia helped my physical and emotional symptoms simultaneously.”

“Basically it comes down to her hands. Olivia gathers information with her hands as well as through seeing and hearing. She goes in and spirals through the fiber in a way that’s noninvasive, nonforceful, and produces results; it helps decrease pain, shift your body image, and give you more dimensions.”

“Olivia pulls in so many modalities: hands-on skills, listening, reflecting, seeing, suggesting, following, interacting, being mindful, being intuitive and creative, having a sense of humor, and of course her academic prowess. She’s got the muscle to contain it all, so that each session is very different and unique to each person.”

“I never felt I was in charge when I went to a doctor. Here I feel that this is some sort of collaboration.”

“When I walk away from a session with Olivia I feel like I’ve gotten four extra hours of sleep and a few drinks.”

“This work gets to the core of things. It has been very practical for real-world movements like lifting, typing, walking, sitting down, and standing up.”

“After Functional Integration, I felt the ground much more and also a wave of self acceptance.”

“If you’re coming from an entirely different mindset, Olivia can start with you there. She integrates and bridges a lot of teachings without making anybody feel uncomfortable.”

“It appealed to me that Olivia is a specialist in trauma work. There’s a lot she can do with voice if being touched feels like too much.”

“It has been a Godsend to have someone who understands and can help me with the complex mental, emotional, and physical components of being a performing musician.”

“She gave me the tools to listen to my body as I would a piece of music.”

“Olivia has a reputation for working wonders upon stressed musicians.”

“She was an inspiration to me to enroll in a Feldenkrais training program. Without her, I would have been in an entirely different place.”

“In training teachers, she can be constructive without shaming or blaming in any way and encouraging without being overbearing. She is detail oriented, very responsive on follow-through, and uses good teaching metaphors. People feel heard, validated, and valued members of the class.”

“Within the Feldenkrais community, Olivia is the one who always expects that little bit higher level of response, asks those extra questions, allows the expectation to rise and then people come to meet it. She brings us to a higher level.”




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