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Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. (1904-1984), Russian-born but emigrating to Israel, France, and eventually the US, fits anybody’s definition of a Renaissance man. A top physicist working closely with Nobel Laureate Joliot-Curie in Paris on early nuclear research. A mechanical and electrical engineer trained at L’École Speciale des Travaux Publiques. One of Europe’s earliest Judo black belts, chosen by the creator of modern Judo (Kigaro Kano) to found the first Judo club in the West. A student of disciplines ranging from childhood development and psychology to Eastern medicine and philosophy, linguistics, systems theory, neurophysiology, and the emerging science of biomechanics.

A soccer injury that crippled his knee became the catalyst for developing the method that carries his name when surgery promised less than 100 percent recovery. To heal, he used himself as a guinea pig and observed how babies with whom his pediatrician wife was working first figured out from sensory feedback how to move. Along with teaching himself to walk again, he extrapolated this system of coordinating mind and body to help other people function better.

Dr. Feldenkrais himself trained some 300 practitioners of his method, mostly in the US. Since the genius of his discoveries was to change the neuromuscular system by changing the firing of the brain, his findings continue to be confirmed by the latest research in fields such as neuroscience and dynamic systems theory.










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